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2 Peter 3:8: But Do Not Overlook This One Fact, Beloved, That With The Lord One Day Is As A Thousand Years

2 Peter 3:8
[8] But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. (ESV)

False teachers were scoffing at the idea of Christ's return. To them, time seemed to just go on and on with no imminent threat of God's judgment. Peter properly reminds them of the error in their thinking. God does not reckon time the same way that man does. Because God exists outside time, as the very author of time and space, he is not restricted by it.

This comparison of a day to a thousand years is not a specific ratio, but rather a statement concerning how time is not factored the same way in God's plans. He will return exactly when he intends to. It may seem like forever to us, but God is always right on time! For those that like to scoff about God and his plans, they will find out that he will deal with them in his time.

If you love Jesus, you are looking forward to the return of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you are getting discouraged. It seems like he will never get here. Take courage, my friend. The Lord Jesus will return, just as he said he would. If you are blessed to be on this earth when he returns, praise God! If not, you will celebrate from Heaven's perspective.

Our wonderful God always keeps his promises. Our focus needs to be on living lives that are ready for his return, whether it will be in our lifetime or not. To those who are willfully living in sinful rebellion against God, do your best to lovingly warn them. The Lord's return should be a blessing to those who love him. Remember, the days of pain, suffering, grief, sin, and loss will soon be over. He is returning!

Do you view the Lord's return as a blessed hope? Are you one of the scoffers? Know that the Lord will return, just as he said. He will come as a righteous judge for those who are in sin. Be ready.