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2 Peter 3:4: They Will Say, "Where Is The Promise Of His Coming?

2 Peter 3:4
[4] They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.” (ESV)

The scoffers whom Peter is speaking about do not believe God. They question whether God will ever keep his promises. Perhaps you have met people like this. They ask questions about God's promises. They ask with no intention of exercising faith in God, whatsoever. Their questioning is nothing but an attempt to criticize and mock. Truth is not their goal.

Peter exposes the weak theology of those false teachers who mocked the idea of God returning to bring judgment to wicked people, such as themselves. They claim that God has never brought judgment to mankind throughout all of the centuries of history, going back to the Creation event. This proves that they did not take their own history seriously.

It is fascinating to consider how intentionally delusional people can be. I have read of scientists who admitted that there was absolutely no logical sense to Darwin's theory of evolution. However, they chose to believe in evolution because the alternative would mean believing in a real God, who created all things, including them!

Sinful man would rather believe a lie than acknowledge the truth of his own sinful condition. The moment he acknowledges he is a sinner he then has to do something about his sin. He most certainly does not want to confess that he has rebelled against the Creator of the universe. Sadly, many people are in hell because of their unwillingness to believe the truth about God, their sin, and the coming judgment.

When you are sharing the truth of God with others, try not to be discouraged. If men mock the truth, they are just doing what sinful men do. Continue to pray that God will open their hearts to the truth.