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2 Peter 3:15: And Count The Patience Of Our Lord As Salvation, Just As Our Beloved Brother Paul Also Wrote To You According To The Wisdom Given Him

2 Peter 3:15
[15] And count the patience of our Lord as salvation, just as our beloved brother Paul also wrote to you according to the wisdom given him, (ESV)

In much of this epistle, the Apostle Peter has spoken of the coming judgment of God. From a contextual standpoint, Peter was dealing with the infiltration of false teachers in the church. These unfaithful frauds had caused much damage. Not only is Peter right to point out their deceptions, but he is also right to remind them of the coming penalty for the poison they had been peddling.

I am sure that Peter, and the faithful believers whom he was writing to, were more than anxious for the Lord's judgment to come upon all of those who had caused such trouble in the church. Perhaps you can identify. Maybe you have reached a point in which you long for the Lord's return because you are tired of all the destructive people that you encounter.

It is understandable to be frustrated while you wait for justice to come for those who are deserving of it. Peter says something in this verse that should encourage you. We are to count the patience of our Lord as salvation. God's patience might be frustrating. We want his judgment meted out now! However, just as God's patience brought you to salvation, so also his patience might bring those deserving of judgment.

It is wonderful to see how Peter reminds the believers reading this epistle that the Apostle Paul also writes about the patience of the Lord as salvation. If one were unclear about the doctrine of our salvation, a careful reading of the Book of Romans would bring the clarity needed. This, and many other writings of the Apostle Paul expound on the wonderful patience of the Lord, leading to salvation.

Do not be impatient with God's patience. He is calling people unto himself, some of which you would not even have imagined. His kingdom will come. His will be done.