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2 Peter 3:14: Therefore, Beloved, Since You Are Waiting For These, Be Diligent To Be Found By Him Without Spot Or Blemish, And At Peace.

2 Peter 3:14
[14] Therefore, beloved, since you are waiting for these, be diligent to be found by him without spot or blemish, and at peace. (ESV)

The teaching of the church was that Christ was coming again. The false teachers mocked and scoffed about Christ's return because they wanted to continue living in their lives of sexual immorality and greed. They were not waiting for Christ's return because it would mean judgment for their sinful lives. If anything, they dreaded his return, if they believed he was coming at all.

The ones whom the Apostle Peter refers to as, "beloved," are the believers in Christ Jesus. They are the original recipients of this letter. They are beloved in two distinct ways. Peter himself loves all the believers in Christ Jesus. Also, and more importantly, the original recipients of this letter are loved by God himself. God demonstrated his love for mankind at the cross. 

The beloved Christians are waiting for the return of Jesus Christ. They know that his return will mean a new heavens and a new earth. Peter says, "in light of this reality, here is how the Savior should find you when he does return." They are to be found without spot or blemish. They are to be at peace. This might seem like a tall task. Is it possible?

It is possible to be found without spot or blemish. This does not come about because of our own goodness or efforts. This can only come about by trusting in Jesus Christ and receiving his perfect righteousness. Remember that salvation is by grace, and not by works. As we are walking in the righteousness of Christ, we will have peace in our hearts.

Jesus is coming back. May your heart be filled with great excitement as you consider his coming. Be sure that you have received the righteousness of God by faith in Christ. Do not trust in your own efforts.