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2 Peter 3:1: This Is Now The Second Letter That I Am Writing To You, Beloved. In Both Of Them I Am Stirring Up Your Sincere Mind By Way Of Reminder.

2 Peter 3:1
[1] This is now the second letter that I am writing to you, beloved. In both of them I am stirring up your sincere mind by way of reminder, (ESV)

Peter is telling his readers of the importance of reminding them of the truth. In his first letter he reminded them. Now, in this second letter he is reminding them. He is not being a nag, but rather, he is intentionally doing what is best for them. Peter is an under-shepherd for the Kingdom of God. He is concerned about the people who belong to Jesus. He knows that they need to be reminded of the truth.

It would easy for us to think that these reminders would be for the ones who are not walking with the Lord the way that they should be. Perhaps he would be trying to reach the ones who have drifted away from walking faithfully with the Lord. But, who is he addressing in this verse? Those whom he calls, "beloved," and who have a "sincere mind."

There is something for us to see here. If you are a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, you need to be reminded of the truths of Scripture! Reminders are not just for those who have fallen far from their former standing in Christ. Those who faithfully follow the Lord need to be continually reminded of God's truth. We forget that there is an enemy of our souls who is trying to get us to forget the truth.

I have had people criticize my preaching style because of how I continually remind people of the truth. In fact, I was told that when I preach I tell people what I am going to say, then I say it, then at the end of my sermon I remind people of what I have already said! This was told to me by way of criticism, but I take it as a compliment. This constant reminding people of the truth is just what Scripture teaches us to do.

Do you need a reminder? We all do! Thank God that you have his holy word. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to be reminded of the truth.



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