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2 Peter 2:19: They Promise Them Freedom, But They Themselves Are Slaves Of Corruption. For Whatever Overcomes A Person, To That He Is Enslaved.

2 Peter 2:19
[19] They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved. (ESV)

In the time of the Apostle Peter's writing of this letter the false teachers had already infiltrated the church with destructive heresies. The message from these teachers was presented as the promise of freedom. Certainly, the church also wanted to share a message of freedom. However, these false teachers' promise of freedom was a hollow one. 

Peter describes these misguided ministers as promising freedom, while they themselves were in bondage.  How can a person who is enslaved be the one offering pardon? The false teachers were enslaved to corruption. In previous verses Peter has described these wicked men as being slaves of greed, sensuality, and the pursuit of power.

Not much has changed over the centuries. The church is still plagued by false teachers, enslaved to sin, making vain promises of freedom. You can regularly listen to "preachers" who promise that if you follow their teaching, buy their book, and send them piles of money, you can be free of debt, be powerful, and never want for wealth.

These foolish manipulators of men are enslaved by their own greed and immorality. The only ones getting rich are the false teachers promising wealth. They prey on the poor and the gullible. They cannot free one soul because they themselves are enslaved. In some ways, it is easy to feel, these sinners cannot face judgment soon enough.

Examine those who make big promises. Does the character of their person match the big offer of freedom they declare? A person who claims to speak for God should be sure that they are not enslaved as they offer freedom.