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2 Peter 2:14: They Have Eyes Full Of Adultery, Insatiable For Sin. They Entice Unsteady Souls. They Have Hearts Trained In Greed. Accursed Children!

2 Peter 2:14
[14] They have eyes full of adultery, insatiable for sin. They entice unsteady souls. They have hearts trained in greed. Accursed children! (ESV)

The Apostle Peter continues in his condemnation of those who are teaching false doctrine in the church. What is most disturbing is that these who claim to teach the truth are completely motivated by the very actions that we know come from Satan himself. What is even worse is that there are those who claim to follow Christ who follow the false teachers, ignoring their sinful character.

Those who have eyes full of adultery are clearly using their position of power and influence as a means to engage in sexual perversion. They are insatiable. This is a characteristic of sin and the empty promise that it offers. Those who engage in it are never satisfied. For these teachers who engage in adulterous behavior, it never ends. There is no ultimate satisfaction. 

They entice unsteady souls. Satan is behind these abusers of men and women. The enemy of our souls knows who are the weakest among us. These teachers, who are assuredly motivated by the devil himself, prey on the weak. For those who are poor, they are enticed by the false teachers' message of prosperity. For those who are powerless, they fall for the offer of power. The enemy attacks the weak.

These teachers are trained in greed. Even today, it is not hard to find preachers with large congregations, who are all the time talking about money. They demand more and more of their followers, claiming that it is for the benefit of the ones writing the checks to them. The reality is, the false teachers line their pockets with the money received from the deceived.

There is such a need in the body of Christ for believers to be alert. Many teachers claim to know Christ, but as Peter says, they are accursed, adulterous, and greedy. Stay close to the Word of God. Seek to know the difference between what is right, and what is almost right.