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2 Peter 1:18: We Ourselves Heard This Very Voice Borne From Heaven, For We Were With Him On The Holy Mountain.

2 Peter 1:18
[18] We ourselves heard this very voice borne from heaven, for we were with him on the holy mountain. (ESV)

The Apostle Peter wrote these words to those who had been infiltrated with false teaching. One of the things that false teachers in every age will attack is the deity of Jesus Christ. In previous verses Peter has said that the apostles were not following cleverly crafted myths. Rather, they were eyewitnesses of the glorious Christ Jesus.

Peter had a wealth of memories of following the Lord Jesus Christ. He saw miracle after miracle. The Apostle John wrote that if all the books were written of all that Jesus did while on earth, the world could not hold them. John, James, and Peter were the ones who heard the voice from heaven, when they were with Jesus on the holy mountain.

Can you imagine hearing the voice of God speaking audibly? I cannot. To be sure, there are false teachers today who claim that we can hear the audible voice of God. The danger of this is that if we can claim to hear God's voice, we can replace the words of Scripture as being the authority in our lives. The Word of God itself does not give us that option.

Peter heard the voice of God. He was an apostle. He wrote words that would become our Scripture. In the book of Acts we find that people devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching. They heard directly from God, and then wrote down the words of God. We are not apostles, but we do well to continue the practice of devoting ourselves to the teaching from those who did hear the very words of God audibly.

As you read the words of 2 Peter, consider the source. This is the Apostle Peter, who walked with Jesus, and heard God's audible voice. Be devoted to this apostle's teaching.


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