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1 Peter 5:13: She Who Is In Babylon, Who Is Likewise Chosen, Sends You Greetings, And So Does Mark, My Son.

1 Peter 5:13
[13] She who is at Babylon, who is likewise chosen, sends you greetings, and so does Mark, my son. (ESV)

In this letter, Peter has spent much time talking about the persecution that is common for those who would be followers of Christ Jesus. We read here that "She who is in Babylon, sends you greetings." This is code language. Babylon refers to Rome. Those of a Jewish background would well know the history of Babylon, it's wickedness, and how it held the Israelites captive for seventy years.

The church at Rome, was in "Babylon," a place of captivity and persecution for Christians. The church can be persecuted. The church can operate from a place of greater secrecy, but the church can never be defeated. Peter describes the church in Rome as chosen by God, just as the people who were recipients of this letter from the Apostle Peter.

In addition to the greetings sent by the church from "Babylon," or Rome, greetings are being sent from Mark. This is none other than John Mark. He had a storied past. The Apostle Paul took John Mark with him on a missionary journey and John Mark abandoned Paul. The Apostle Paul was not at all pleased, and it was later in his life that Paul seems to have patched things up with John Mark (2 Timothy 4:11).

John Mark is the author of the Gospel of Mark. He turned out to be very useful in the kingdom of God. In fact, Peter describes him as his son. He had times when he struggled, but John Mark was useful. He was useful to the Apostle Paul, and also to the Apostle Peter. Maybe Peter had a soft spot in his heart for those who made mistakes. Peter made plenty. But God found him useful.

Have you tried to be a blessing in ministry, but blew it in some kind of way? God can make you useful. If you are a person who is being used in ministry, ask the Lord to show you a "Mark" who needs your encouragement to be the useful servant God wants them to be.