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1 Peter 5:2: Shepherd The Flock Of God That Is Among You, Exercising Oversight, Not Under Compulsion, But Willingly, As God Would Have You

1 Peter 5:2
[2] Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; not for shameful gain, but eagerly; (ESV)
Peter is describing the role of elder/pastor. This role is a shepherding role. They are to shepherd the flock of God that is among them. Every flock of sheep is different. Two separate churches may have two very different gifts and abilities, but they are all sheep. There are two things that a shepherd must be sure to do: feed the sheep and protect the sheep. 

On the duty of feeding the sheep, it is important that we feed the sheep proper food. The pastor must be able to properly handle the Word of God. It is only God's Word which will properly feed sheep. If one is to be an elder he must be able to teach. This qualification is given in 1 Timothy 3:2. One who wants to be an elder, but cannot teach the Word of God is not qualified for the task. Sheep need to be fed.

The sheep also need to be protected. The biggest threat to the sheep is poisonous food, or false teaching. If the Word of God is what the sheep feed upon, the danger for them is false shepherds who will poison their food. The church today abounds with false shepherds who claim to know the Word, but they are teaching things that are contrary to the clear teaching of the Word. They are from Satan himself.

Shepherds need to be properly motivated. The Apostle Peter makes it clear here that elders/pastors should not be shepherds for the purpose of shameful gain, or we could say, greed. When all you hear from the pulpit is an appeal for more and more money, you may be sure you have a shepherd who is leading for shameful gain. Men like this are to be avoided, not followed.

It is good for you to pay attention to how your pastor behaves. Is he feeding you only the Word of God? Is he protecting you from false teaching? Is he greedy? If he is doing any of these things, you need to leave. Pray that God will lead you to a church where you will have a faithful shepherd.