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1 Peter 5:1: So I Exhort The Elders Among You, As A Fellow Elder And A Witness Of The Sufferings Of Christ,

1 Peter 5:1
[1] So I exhort the elders among you, as a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, as well as a partaker in the glory that is going to be revealed: (ESV)

The Apostle Peter is about to give an exhortation to all of the elders in the church. He speaks to them as one of them. The church began by apostles who walked with Jesus, of whom Peter was one. As the church grew, elders were appointed to lead the churches. Since that time, and until the time that Christ returns the church is to be led by elders.

Who are the elders? All pastors are elders. It is their spiritual role to oversee the spiritual health of the church, to lead in preaching and teaching, and to administer church discipline. In some churches that have elders leading, only one of the elders takes on the role of pastor. In other churches who have elders, all the elders are expected to assume the role of pastor.

Peter is coming alongside the pastors/elders who would be reading his words. Peter could approach them as an apostle of Jesus Christ. He could claim special authority over them. Instead, Peter takes a much more humble approach. In fact, one of the greatest understandings about the role of elder is that elders should be humble. Peter humbly comes to the elders who he wants to instruct.

Look at how Peter describes himself. He is a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and a partaker in the glory to be revealed. He is making clear that everything about his life is about Jesus Christ, and not about himself. This principle is an important one as we continue looking at the next verses. All that elders/pastors do in the church is about Jesus Christ, and his glory.

Are you an elder? Be focused on the glory of Christ. Are you attending a church that has elders? (If you have a pastor, you have an elder). Be focused on the glory of Christ.