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1 Peter 4:5: But They Will Give Account To Him Who Is Ready To Judge The Living And The Dead.

1 Peter 4:5
[5] But they will give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead. (ESV)

In the previous verses Peter describes something that Christians sometimes experience. The people who do not know the Lord do not understand why believers in Jesus do not join them in their debauchery, drunkenness, and immoral behavior. Not only do they not understand it, but they malign the believers for not joining them in their sinful lifestyle.

Peter reminds us all that these who want to live a lifestyle of sin will give an account to the righteous judge of all men. There is nothing that we do that is not without consequence. We know that for those who engage in sin as their identity will reap a harvest of judgment. The sinner does not know anything else, but that does not change their culpability for their sin.

This stands as a reminder to us as Christians that we should not be engaging in the same sinful actions as our non-believing society. When we engage in sin, we further confuse people, because they know that we make a claim to belong to Jesus Christ. The one who belongs to Jesus has a completely different purpose. We once lived for our selves and our passions and pleasures. That has changed.

The other reality is that there just will not be the same pleasure that we once experienced when we engage in sin as a believer. Because God has set us apart for himself and his glory, we know that real joy can only be found in glorifying him. Sin is beneath us. God has called us to greater things. We need not engage in the very things that God will judge sinners for.

How do you respond to those you know who want you to fall into the same sins that they engage in? Draw near to the Lord. Live for him. It is there you will find fulfillment. Those who live for sinful passions will give an account to God, the righteous judge.