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1 Peter 4:19: Therefore Let Those Who Suffer According To God's Will Entrust Their Souls To A Faithful Creator While Doing Good.

1 Peter 4:19
[19] Therefore let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good. (ESV)
Therefore, in other words, after all that has been said about suffering and the Christian in the previous verses, here is the summation of what we should do in response to suffering. What Peter says in this verse is very helpful. We all face suffering, but we do not always respond properly to the suffering that God wills in our lives.

Peter speaks of those who "suffer according to God's will." There are many Christians who simply refuse to accept a theology that allows for God to will suffering for his children. These same Christians likely have no problem with a theology that allowed for the suffering of Jesus Christ himself. However, they are somehow above suffering. This is bad theology.

God is a sovereign God. Nothing happens accidentally. He is in charge. He wants to purify his people. One of the ways that God brings purity to his saints is through suffering. We can most certainly pray to God in the midst of our suffering. He may even bring us out of the suffering. The most likely and more valuable thing he will do is to bring you through the suffering.

While we are suffering, we are instructed to entrust our souls to a faithful Creator, and keep doing good. Some believers who suffer today, get caught up in questioning God, even accusing him. If you are in that posture, you will be ineffective in doing the good he has called you to do. You will not be giving him the glory that he deserves. When we suffer we need to suffer well.

How are you suffering? Do you struggle with a sovereign God who wills suffering in your life? Be reminded today that your Creator is faithful. Keep on doing good in his name and for his glory.