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1 Peter 4:14: If You Are Insulted For The Name Of Christ, You Are Blessed, Because The Spirit Of Glory And of God Rests Upon You.

1 Peter 4:14
[14] If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. (ESV)
There is a lot of talk about blessing. Every Christian would claim that they want to be blessed by God. Sadly, too many of them define being blessed in a way that is inconsistent with Scripture. There are churches and preachers who claim that if you are walking in God's way you will have financial prosperity, you will fulfill all of your personal dreams, and you will have the approval of others.

This verse in 1 Peter is one of many verses in the Word of God that speaks of a very different way to find blessing in the Christian life. How do we find blessing? When we are insulted for the name of Christ. Now, it is important to notice that we are blessed when we are insulted for the name of Christ. There are times that we are insulted because we acted wrongly. That gains us no blessing.

Part of our modern day problem with understanding the right definition of blessing is that many people came to Christ under false pretense. They were told by some well-meaning, but doctrinally suspect preacher that God had a wonderful plan for their lives, and he just cannot wait for them to be a Christian because they are so great. If they will pray a prayer, life will be wonderful.

Life is wonderful for the Christian. It is not because our problems and struggles go away. It is not because we will be insulated from insults. Rather, life is wonderful because we are not identified with the suffering Savior, who loves us and redeemed us. Insults in the name of Christ only further identify us with the love of our hearts. When we are insulted for Christ, we have God's approval. That is all we need.

Are you dealing with insults because you love Jesus? You are blessed! Have you never been insulted for the name of Christ? Maybe you need to be more vocal about your relationship. Remember that true blessing comes from God, not from earthly things.