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1 Peter 4:12: Beloved, Do Not Be Surprised At The Fiery Trial When It Comes Upon You To Test You, As Though Something Strange Were Happening To You.

1 Peter 4:12
[12] Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. (ESV)

As we read about fiery trials it is interesting to note that some theologians believe Peter was referring to  the fire the burned the city of Rome. History indicates that Nero likely set the fire, while blaming the Christians. This was the beginning of a long period of time of great persecution against the church. Whether or not Peter was describing the burning of Rome, trials were very real experiences for the church.

Peter starts this verse with the word, "Beloved." For the ones who would receive this letter it was likely an encouragement to know that the were loved. It is always good to know that when we are going through a trial we have people who love us. Peter walked closely with Jesus himself. He knew what it was like to go through trials. He also knew the love of God. He also loved God's children.

For those who were newly saved, it is very likely that they were rather shocked that God would allow them to go through terrible trials. After all, they worshiped the Lord, Jesus Christ now. You would think that God would honor our worship and keep us from being the recipient of fiery trials. However, the Apostle Peter is saying that we should not be surprised at all at fiery trials.

We are all going to face fiery trials. There is no surprise for us. We should know the drill. Peter says that the trials come upon us to test us. None of us love to be tested, but the end result is that we become stronger in our faith. Just like a person who is making something from clay will put the clay in an oven, our lives our placed in the furnace of suffering because God, the potter, is making something wonderful.

Are you struggling in persecution? Know that the Savior loves you. He is acquainted with suffering. You will pass the test. He will see to that.