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1 Peter 4:10: As Each Has Received A Gift, Use It To Serve One Another, As Good Stewards Of God's Varied Grace.

1 Peter 4:10
[10] As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: (ESV)

In every church, there is a gathered body of believers where every single person has a gift. Even though every person has a gift, it is a rare occasion to find more than a small minority who are actually exercising that gift for the benefit of the body and the glory of God. It isn't because the rest of the body has no gifts. The Apostle Peter says, "as each has received a gift." Every person in the body of Christ has a gift.

Warming a pew occasionally is not a gift. Complaining about the pastor is not a gift. Criticizing others is not a gift. These things are reflective of a church where people are not using their gifts. Gifts that we have received from God are to be used to serve one another. If you find that your actions in a church setting are focused on yourself you can be sure you are not using your gift. Gifts serve others, not ourselves.

It is likely that some do not use their gifts because they do not know what their gift is. Many people have grown up with such a negative view of themselves that they cannot fathom that God would even give them a gift. This is a sad reality. As people grow in their faith and understanding of the Word of God they should also realize the kind of God they worship. He is a great gift giver. Consider that Jesus is a gift.

We will look at various kinds of gifts in the next verse, but for now, notice that being stewards of God's gifts by serving one another is what we are to do. God has given us the gifts that he chose for us, and he will call us to account for how we have used them, or not used them. We are to be good stewards. A steward is someone who uses something that someone else owns. Care should be given in using a gift.

Did you know that you have received a gift from God to serve others in the body of Christ? Are you using it? There are people waiting for you to use the gift God has given you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to discover your gift, and to show you how to use it.