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1 Peter 3:6: As Sarah Obeyed Abraham, Calling Him Lord, And You Are Her Children, If You Do Good And Do Not Fear Anything That Is Frightening.

1 Peter 3:6
[6] as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord. And you are her children, if you do good and do not fear anything that is frightening. (ESV)

The Apostle Peter has been building the case that a Christian woman is a submissive woman. Before making the case that a woman is to be submissive, he has already made the case that all Christians should be submissive to every institution of mankind. This involves slaves being submissive to their masters. It involves all people being submissive to the ungodly emperor of Rome. 

Submission is not a worldly character trait. Society rebels against such a notion. Even Christians have a hard time with the idea of being submissive to anyone. We think that if we show submission to someone who is undeserving this will be wrong and unjust. Jesus compels us to be just like him. He humbled himself to the will of the father. It led to unjust treatment, but it also glorified the Father.

Sarah is given as an example of submission. She obeyed her husband and called him lord. She called him lord, she did not say that he was the Lord. Her willingness to be submissive to her husband is a clear demonstration that she viewed submission as a proper attitude to the husband that God had given her. Peter doesn't just mention her for know reason. Sarah is mentioned as an example for women today.

Peter goes on to say that those who are following Sarah's example are women who do good and do not fear anything that is frightening. The context would suggest that Peter is speaking of the things that might be scary as a woman submits to a husband. She is to show submission without fear. This is not however, a license to follow her husband into sin.

This is a tough word. Ask the Lord to help you with the idea of submission. We all need to submit to every institution of mankind, as unto the Lord. Jesus showed us the way.