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1 Peter 2:24: He Himself Bore Our Sins In His Body On The Tree, That We Might Die To Sin And Live To Righteousness. By His Wounds You Have Been Healed.

1 Peter 2:24
[24] He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed. (ESV)

Peter is speaking to new believers in Jesus Christ. They were Jews, scattered across the Roman Empire. Their new-found faith in Jesus as their Messiah, and their Savior, had provided for them persecution and suffering. They were not alone. Jesus himself was faithful in the midst of intense persecution. He was mocked, spit upon, beaten, reviled, and Peter reminds them now that he was killed.

Jesus bore our sins in his body. What does that mean? The theological answer is propitiation. He paid the penalty of God's wrath that our sins deserved by taking our punishment on his perfect, holy body. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was at the hands of cruel and unjust men. However, it was not without purpose. The purpose was to set us free from sin.

We continue to struggle with our sinful nature, but we are no longer bound to it. Before we knew Christ we had no option but to sin. Jesus died so that we might die to sin, and live in righteousness. This new way of life is only possible because of the death that Jesus die. If someone would have looked at the cross at the moment that Jesus hung upon it, they may have not seen the purpose. But it was for God's purpose.

By his wounds we have been healed. What are we healed from? The context of this verse would suggest that Peter is not making a declaration about physical healing. Rather, we are healed from our sin. Our sin, without Jesus' sacrifice, would result in eternal death and punishment. Because Jesus died for us, we are set free from death and punishment that sin brings.

In light of this knowledge, how will you live today? May your heart be filled with gratitude for what the Savior has done in paying our sin debt. He died that we may live. Praise his name.