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1 Peter 2:19: For This Is A Gracious Thing, When, Mindful Of God, One Endures Sorrows While Suffering Unjustly.

1 Peter 2:19
[19] For this is a gracious thing, when, mindful of God, one endures sorrows while suffering unjustly. (ESV)

There is a phrase that is commonly heard from the mouths of children. "It's not fair!" Mind you, a child's understanding of what is fair is not the most reliable. Having to make their bed, or put their dirty clothes in the laundry is likely to be considered a grave injustice to a child who would rather be playing with their toys and ignoring responsibility.

What happens to you and me when we have to go through legitimately unjust suffering? Are we inclined to shout out to God, "It's not fair!" This verse raises the situation of enduring sorrows while suffering unjustly. We are not told that it is fair that we endure this suffering. God recognizes that we are experiencing something that is unjust. It is unfair and God knows it.

What God does say to us in our suffering unjust things is that it is a gracious thing when our attitude is focused on God and not on the injustice we have to endure. All of the things that we do are to be done for our amazing Lord. Suffering unjustly, while trusting in the Lord who will provide us all things, gains the very favor of God almighty.

This world will never provide for any of us in the way that we think is fair. Many times we will be mistreated. We will endure injustice after injustice. Is it fair? No. God is watching. He knows all that you have endured and will endure. We are instructed to be mindful of God. It is not an easy thing. Neither was it easy for Jesus to lay down his life for our sins. He was treated unjustly. He never said, "It's not fair!"

Today, you might have to suffer. It will not be fair. Look to the Lord. Recognize that he is your reward and your provision. Give him glory, even in the midst of unjust suffering. His Spirit will help you.