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1 Peter 2:8: And "A Stone Of Stumbling, And A Rock Of Offense."

1 Peter 2:8
[8] And “A stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense.” They stumble because they disobey the word, as they were destined to do. (ESV)

To those who are saved the idea of being a living stone, attached to Jesus Christ, the cornerstone, being built into a spiritual home is a great honor. We realize that it is all a work of God's wonderful grace. We take delight in being a place where pure and holy worship happens as God's people gather together and give God glory. It is truly an honor to belong to our God.

In today's verse we look at the ones who have not believed in Jesus Christ. They are not living stones attached to Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of our faith. Jesus is still a rock to them, but Peter describes him as a rock of offense. Because they refuse to believe in him they stumble over him. Their unbelief causes them to stumble. 

Peter says that their stumbling is because of disobedience to the word. Did you realize that those who do not believe are actually disobeying God. God calls all people to believe in him. To refuse to believe in God is actually disobedience to him and warrants his wrath. This is why Peter says, they stumble as they were destined to do. In other words, their stumbling is punishment for their disbelief.

All of this leads us to a decision as to whether we are going to believe the truth about Jesus Christ. If we do we will be connected to him, the cornerstone of our faith, and be built into a spiritual house with all of God's people. If we choose to disbelieve that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the perfect sacrifice for our sin, who rose from the dead and offers us salvation, we will stumble, and ultimately experience wrath.

If you have placed your faith in Christ, celebrate your connection to him, the cornerstone. If you have not yet believed, today is the day. Do not stumble over Christ. Believe the Word.