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1 Peter 2:3: If Indeed You Have Tasted That The Lord Is Good.

1 Peter 2:3
[3] if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good. (ESV)

In the previous verse Peter compared our response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to babies craving milk. He then says, "If indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good." You will not crave more of God if you have not experienced his goodness in the first place. Christianity is not the culmination of intellectual pursuit. Although our mind needs to be informed. We need to experience the goodness of God.

When we were infants we all craved milk. Then we began to experience solid food. We have never looked back. I can remember the time my son was a baby and grabbed a piece of a pancake. He was hooked. He wanted more pancakes. Then he wanted other kinds of solid foods. This is an experience that we have all had. I once had steak. I decided that I wanted more steak. There is a pattern here.

If we have tasted that the Lord is good we will want to taste more! This is one of the things that gives evidence that we have, in fact, been born again to new life in Christ Jesus. If you continually hunger only for the things of this world it begs the question, "Have you even tasted that the Lord is good?" There are far too many who go to church, claim the name of Christ, but only demonstrate a craving for the world.

As you have experienced the goodness of God you will not only crave milk, but you will gain a hunger for solid foods. When you first experienced Christ you were likely enamored with his love for you. But, as you read the Word of God, you begin to taste the solid foods of doctrine.  You will always treasure your understanding of his love. But, now you are learning about justification, sanctification, sovereignty, etc.

Have you tasted that the Lord is good? Are you craving more of him, or are your desires for the things of the world? If you are still craving milk, open his holy Word more regularly. You will discover the solid foods of doctrine. It is a wonderful meal.