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1 Peter 2:2: Like Newborn Infants, Long For The Pure Spiritual Milk, That By It You May Grow Up Into Your Salvation

1 Peter 2:2
[2] Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation— (ESV)

If you are reading this it has been quite a while since you have craved milk like you did when you were a newborn infant. If you are a parent you can identify with what happens when a baby wants milk. If they are hungry they let you know about it! A baby's cry can be quite dramatic. If they are in need of milk they will let you know about it.

Peter talks about us craving pure spiritual milk in terms of an intensity of a hungry child. There is something special about a person who has just come to faith in Jesus Christ. They have a brand new passion and desire to know the Word of God. They do not view the Bible as something to turn to if you have nothing else to do, but rather they crave biblical instruction like a baby craves milk.

Notice here that Peter describes us drinking spiritual milk so that we can grow up into salvation. Unless there was some allergic exception of some kind, most of us all drank milk. It gave us the nutrients that we needed. But, as we grow, we discover that we want to dry solid food. We go from having to be fed by someone else to a person who is able to feed themselves.

It has always intrigued me how people will come into a church, seemingly being satisfied with things, and then make a decision to leave the church. They say: "I'm just not getting fed there. They are not talking about real food, but spiritual food. I have always wanted to tell people, "Why is the church having to feed you? Why are you not feeding yourself?

How mature are you in your faith? Does someone still have to hold your bottle? Or are you able to feed yourself? If you are a spiritual baby make sure you consume Scripture. You will be feeding yourself in not time!