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1 Peter 1:6: In This You Rejoice, Though Now For A Little While, If Necessary, You Have Been Grieved By Various Trials

1 Peter 1:6

In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials, (ESV)

In the previous verse Peter says that God has guarded our salvation until it is revealed when we are in his presence. In this we rejoice. There is no way that we can overstate how wonderful it is that God is guarding our salvation for us. If it were left up to us we would not be able to keep our salvation for much time whatsoever. We are just not strong enough. We rejoice. God is doing the work, not us.

In the meantime, we may be grieved by various trials. In the time that Peter is writing this letter Christians were facing very terrible trials. They would have their possessions confiscated. They would be put into prison. Some would even be put to death. The Apostle Peter himself would eventually be put to death by being crucified upside down. The recipients of this letter were most certainly grieved by various trials.

It is striking to us that Peter uses these words, "if necessary." We do not view the trials that are brought into our lives as ever being necessary. We encounter trouble of any kind and we are shocked that we should have to endure such an injustice. We plead, beg, whine, and almost demand that God do something to remove the trial from us. Surely, this is not supposed to happen to people who love Jesus.

Peter said, "if necessary." While we may not like it, there are times when God deems it necessary for us to go through various trials. At the time we do not see them as such, but later on, we are able to look back and see how God used our trials to make us stronger in our faith. When God brings us successfully through trials he makes us stronger. 

Have you been grieved by various trials? Keep rejoicing in the God who safeguards your salvation. Know that if God has deemed your trials necessary it is because he loves you and wants to make you an even greater instrument for his glory.