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1 Peter 1:2: According To The Foreknowledge Of God The Father, In The Sanctification Of The Spirit, For Obedience To Jesus Christ And For Sprinkling With His Blood

1 Peter 1:2

According to the foreknowledge of God the Father, in the sanctification of the Spirit, for obedience to Jesus Christ and for sprinkling with his blood: May grace and peace be multiplied to you. (ESV)

In these second opening verse the Apostle Peter gives us a glimpse of our salvation from before time began until now. He begins by talking about the foreknowledge of God the Father. This word foreknowledge does not mean that he observed what we would do long before we would do it. Rather, it means that he planned a relationship with us beforehand.

Those who God foreknows he ultimately saves (See Romans 8:29-30). Peter then describes our sanctification of the Spirit. This word sanctification means to be set apart. We were brought out of the kingdom of darkness and brought into God's wonderful kingdom. Not only are we no longer a part of the world, but we have received a new nature. We also have been given the Holy Spirit to help us walk a life, set apart for Him.

So, what shall we do now that we have been set apart? We are to obey Jesus Christ. This aspect of sanctification is that process by which we learn how to be more obedient, as the Spirit enables us. For the rest of our lives we will struggle with the temptation of sin. The Spirit brings us more and more into conformity to God's will. Sometimes he brings us kicking and screaming, but he brings us nonetheless.

This last description of our salvation is a bit more confusing. Peter says, "for sprinkling with his blood." In the Old Testament Moses would sprinkle blood on the people as a way of sealing the covenant between them and the Lord. In our New Testament understanding we are not sprinkled literally with the blood of Christ to seal our covenant. However, we do place our faith in the blood of Christ for salvation.

As you consider your salvation, offer praise to God. Thank him for planning a relationship with you before time began. Walk in joyful obedience to the Lord as the Holy Spirit enables you. Praise Jesus Christ for his precious blood shed for you. May grace and peace be multiplied to you today and every day.