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Romans 15:25: At Present, However, I Am Going To Jerusalem

 Romans 15:25

[25] At present, however, I am going to Jerusalem bringing aid to the saints. (ESV)

Paul has his eyes set on bringing the Gospel to Spain. He tells the church at Rome that he is going to visit them, hoping to raise financial support for the mission work in Spain. Before he gets to Rome, however, Paul must go to Jerusalem. He is going to bring a financial contribution to the church there. Paul may very well have had mixed feelings about going to Jerusalem.

In the beginning of Paul's ministry the church at Jerusalem was hesitant to believe in the Apostle Paul's apostleship, or even his Christianity. Remember that he had previously been dragging Christians out of their homes and having them imprisoned for their faith. He was holding coats for the ones who were stoning Stephen, the Church's first martyr, to death.

Paul did most of his preaching outside of Jerusalem. In every city he would preach the Gospel to the Jews first, and then the Gentiles. He showed respect for his countrymen. They responded by stirring up trouble for him in every city. Eventually, Paul saw his calling as being, the "Apostle to the Gentiles." This did not mean that he did not love the Jews, but that his calling was to the Gentiles.

While Paul had focused on ministry to the Gentiles his love for his fellow Jews never waned. Here we have him bringing a financial contribution to the church in Jerusalem. This gift has been collected from various churches, many of whom are full of Gentile Christians. Paul wanted unity. He gave generously to others, even though he may have had cause for resentment.

How do you treat others who have wronged you? Are you quick to forgive? Do you hold grudges? Or will you show the love of Jesus Christ and help someone, no matter their history with you? Ask the Lord to help you to love like He loves us.