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Romans 15:8: For I Tell You That Christ Became A Servant To The Circumcised To Show God's Truthfulness

Romans 15:8
[8] For I tell you that Christ became a servant to the circumcised to show God's truthfulness, in order to confirm the promises given to the patriarchs, (ESV)

The greatest mystery of all history is that God would come to earth, taking on the form of humanity, becoming like us in our lowly state, for the purpose of being killed so that the payment of our sin could be made in the sacrifice of his body. There is nothing more wonderful than this. We can surely spend all of eternity gratefully worshiping him for his sacrifice on our behalf.

As we consider all that Christ has done for us it is good for us to go back in history and think of what Christ's work meant to those who have gone before us. Paul tells us that Christ  became a servant to the circumcised. Who is he speaking of? The Old Testament Jews. It was the Jews, the descendants of Abraham who were all "marked" by the rite of circumcision.

If you think about it, Jesus was the author of the Law that the Israelites had. Included in that Law was the rite of circumcision. Jesus came to Earth and was circumcised on the eighth day, just as the Law required. I love how Jesus never asks us to do something that he is not also willing to do. He did not have to do this for us, but he willingly chose to.

One of the great qualities of our Savior is that he keeps his promises. Redemption of mankind was promised to those who were following the Law. God knew that no one was ever going to be able to keep the Law. That is why Christ came and fulfilled it perfectly in his life, death, and resurrection. Jesus confirmed the promises that were made thousands of years before his coming.

What does it mean to you that God is willing to do the things he asks of us? In what ways have you found God to be faithful in keeping his promises?