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Romans 15:22: This Is The Reason Why I Have So Often Been Hindered From Coming To You.

Romans 15:22
[22] This is the reason why I have so often been hindered from coming to you. (ESV)

Paul was quite the traveler. As an Apostle to the Gentiles his task was literally to take the Gospel to the entire known world at the time. Many of the Epistles that Paul writes are letters written to places where he has already been. He preached the Gospel, many were saved, churches were planted, and Paul moved on to a new area.

Rome was a place that Paul had never been to. He writes this entire letter to people whom he had never met. As an Apostle to the Gentiles he wanted to give them the good solid teaching they needed to grow in their faith. Likely, someone who was converted on the Day of Pentecost went back to Rome and first shared the Gospel there.

Paul says that he has been often hindered from coming to Rome. He could have argued that all kinds of circumstances would not permit him to get to Rome. Paul would not have blamed circumstances. He would have understood that it was not God's timing for him to go to Rome. There was a time coming for Paul to get to Rome. He was put to death by the sword for his faith; in Rome.

Paul's life was directed by God. Even when he was trying to fight against God, he was knocked to the ground and blinded by the light of Christ. God was able to use the Apostle Paul in ministering all over the world. This was possible because Paul learned to willingly follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Paul was hindered from coming to Rome, but he was still able to minister by his writing.

In what ways have you felt like God was hindering from doing something? Trust that God is in control. Celebrate the areas he is directing you to minister. His way is always best.