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Romans 15:11: And Again, "Praise The Lord, All You Gentiles, And Let All The Peoples Extol Him."

Romans 15:11
[11] And again, “Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles, and let all the peoples extol him.” (ESV)

There is something that every atheist has to reconcile. Archaeologists have discovered in every generation there are elements of worship. They have found idols, altars, and other paraphernalia that shows that people in every generation are worshipers! People may be worshiping God, or they may be worshiping false gods, but they are primarily worshipers.

Paul is quoting here from Psalm 117. He is helping Jews and Gentiles alike understand something about the God whom they are worshiping. He is a God for all peoples! There are many people groups whom the Jews did not even know. God wanted them to know that he is to be worshiped by peoples of every nation.

We were created to give praise and glory to God. The pagan nations who have not met God yet still have within them something that longs to worship. When God reveals himself to the nations people respond by giving him the glory and honor that he deserves. Those who choose not to praise God are violating their purpose. This is why they are miserable. Sin is a terrible master.

When you look at people of different races, nationalities, and colors consider the fact that God has called people from all the nations to praise him. We will spend all of eternity giving glory to God. Alongside us are going to be a lot of varieties of people that we have more in common with than we had any idea.

When you meet people who are different than you remember that God is calling people from every nation to give him praise. Give him praise right now!