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Romans 14:9: For To This End Christ Died And Lived Again

Romans 14:9
[9] For to this end Christ died and lived again, that he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living. (ESV)

There is a wonderful hymn of the Church called, "I Surrender All." I can remember my father saying that most Christians should sing that song as "I surrender some." Surrender is a hard word for us. It implies that we have given over control to someone else. That is exactly what it means. The context of the word is that of an army giving up control to the conquering nation.

Jesus is the conquering king who has fought against Satan himself to purchase our lives. Satan had a hold on our lives. In reality we were serving Satan before we were rescued by the Savior. In Satan's service we were chained and had no freedom. Like it or not, we were doing Satan's bidding. Through Jesus' victory on the cross we have been purchased, our sins forgiven, and we are now the Lord's.

For to this end Christ died and lived again. What purpose? That he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living. Jesus shed his precious perfect blood for a race of rebels who did not deserve any kind of mercy. We like to celebrate that Christ set us free from sin. Rightfully so. He wants to do more than set you free from sin. He wants to rule your life. He purchased that right.

Full surrender of our lives to Jesus Christ means that every part of us belongs to him. Our emotions are to be under his authority. Our minds are to be in submission to his holy thinking. Our actions are to be directed by his Holy Spirit, in total conformity to the written Word of God. He is Lord of all or Lord not at all. Both the living and the dead whom he has purchased are his and are for his glory.

Do you surrender all to the Savior? Or should you more appropriately sing, "I surrender some." Ask the Lord to take all of you. His Holy Spirit will help you to fully surrender.