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Romans 14:13: Therefore Let Us Not Pass Judgment On One Another Any Longer

Romans 14:13
[13] Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother. (ESV)

We know that judging our brother is something that the Lord does not want us to do. This was something that was going on in the early church. As people became very convinced of their way being the right way they began to look at others with condemnation who did not worship and believe in precisely the same way. I am referring to secondary issues of preference, not orthodox issues.

We know that part of the reason why it is wrong for us to pass judgment on our brother is because we are not qualified to judge. We are not holy. In fact, we will all stand before the ultimate judge and each one will give an account for his own actions. Without the saving grace of Jesus Christ we would not stand a chance before God's judgment.

Paul now shows us in this verse a different reason why we should not judge our brother. It is because our judgment of our brother would put a stumbling block in the way of our brother who is trying to serve the Lord. We are to make a better judgment in that we are to decide to be a help and a support to our brother instead of being a hindrance.

We need to view our brother as a fellow pilgrim on a similar journey to ours. We are both prone to sin and failure. We are both going to be attacked by Satan, the enemy of our souls. We desperately need the support of one another if we are going to make it successfully on our journey to our eternal destination. Help. Do not hinder.

In what ways have your actions hindered others from being successful in their walk with Christ? In what ways do you need to change your behavior so that you can be a support to others who love Jesus, but have different viewpoints than you?