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Romans 13:6: For Because Of This You Also Pay Taxes

Romans 13:6
[6] For because of this you also pay taxes, for the authorities are ministers of God, attending to this very thing. (ESV)

One of the least favorite topics one can talk about is taxes. The saying goes that the only thing certain in life are death and taxes. How should the Christian view the paying of taxes? After all, the government is a man-made thing, isn't it? If government is man-made then why should we be obligated to pay taxes to it? We belong to God, not man.

As we have already discovered, the government gets its authority from God ultimately. The very concept of having authority over others for the purpose of caring for their peace and prosperity is something that comes from God himself. When we obey the government we are also giving glory to God by honoring the authority he has allowed to be in our place.

Do we pay taxes? Yes we do. If you decide not to pay your taxes you will find that there are consequences. The government will find a way to either get a hold of your tax money or they will get a hold of you and put you into jail. You will also have the situation of your relationship with Christ being in a bad place because of your disobedience to his command to obey government authority.

If we were to question how God views governmental authority Paul tells us that the authorities are ministers of God. That is very difficult for us to hear. We know that many who work in the government are corrupt. How can they be ministers of God? It is because all authority comes from God. God wants to teach us submission and humility. Government authority is a good teacher.

Pay your taxes. I know it is not easy. God said to do it. Ultimately, you will be honoring the Lord by paying your taxes. Hopefully that will make the pill of tax paying a little easier to swallow.