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Romans 13:1: Let Every Person Be Subject To The Governing Authorities

Romans 13:1
[1] Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. (ESV)

Let's be honest. We have a problem with authority. There is something deep within us that has a natural tendency to rebel against authority. The heart of mankind before being regenerated by the power of God is wicked. We are rebels to the core. Paul is speaking here to those who now belong to Jesus Christ. We are instructed to be subject to the governing authorities.

We tend to be ok with being subject to governing authorities whom we like or trust. What happens if the governing authority is a President whom we did not vote for? What if the governing authority is a boss who treats people unfairly, especially you? How about if the governing authority is corrupt; completely lacking in godly character?

The Scripture does not give any qualifications for the governing authorities. It does not say that we are only required to be subject to the governing authorities if they are Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ. The odds are that the majority of the governing authorities that we are going to be subject to are not going to be Christians, or even moral for that matter.

One of the things that should help us to handle this command to be subject to governing authorities is to know that all authority comes from God himself. The person delivering instruction to us may be a less than exemplary character, but authority itself is a godly ideal that is important for us to relate properly to.

Take stock of all the governing authorities in your life. How many of them are you in active rebellion against? How would life change if you subjected yourself to the governing authorities that God has placed in your life?