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Romans 12:7b: If Service, In Our Serving; The One Who Teaches, In His Teaching

Romans 12:7
[7] if service, in our serving; the one who teaches, in his teaching; (ESV)

We are in the middle of a list of spiritual gifts that God has given to the church. As you will discover with each one there are some aspects in which the gift that is listed can be a specific minister and position. Additionally, there are aspects in which we all have an element of the gift that is mentioned. For example, lets look at the gift of teaching.

There is a gift of teaching that is a position in the church. One who is a Pastor must be one who is able to teach. His role is an equipping role. In order to effectively equip believers the Pastor must teach them. He must have a thorough knowledge of Scripture and have the ability to communicate that truth to people at all levels.

There is a gift of teaching that is used by people that does not necessarily warrant a title be given to them. We all teach in one way or another. In fact, the most effective teaching is by modeling. Our life lived before God and in front of others is the best teaching we can offer. All of us are teaching others, whether we realize it or not.

If God gives you a more prominent gift of teaching use that gift as a Pastor, Sunday School teacher, or Bible Study leader. If your primary gift is not teaching be aware that your very life is a model for others to follow. Your godly example can inspire others to faithfully follow the Savior. This is not a small gift. This is a wonderful opportunity to be mightily used in the Kingdom.

Someone once said, "You are the only book that some will ever read." In your teaching be a blessing to others. Whether in word, or in example, teach in the way that will honor the Savior.