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Romans 12:18: If Possible, So Far As It Depends On You, Live Peaceably With All.

Romans 12:18
[18] If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. (ESV)

As believers in Jesus Christ our lives have been invaded by the Prince of Peace. Jesus comes to cleanse us of our sins and grant to us his perfect peace. In His presence we have perfect peace in our hearts. There is just one problem. We are also living in the world. This world is devoid of peace and there is going to be a constant battle to maintain any kind of peace in our darkened world.

The only peace that we see in the world is temporary. Nations will make peace agreements. They will be broken. Wherever there are people gathering in any capacity there is likely to be a lack of peace at some level or another. Your work environment likely is lacking in peace. Your family is possibly even lacking in peace. What is the solution?

The Scripture would admonish us to do our part. We cannot control how others act. We can control ourselves. If there is going to be a lack of peace in a relationship it should not be found that we were the instigator against peace. "So far as it depends on you," implies that there is something that we can do individually in relationship with others. We can be peaceable.

The sad reality is that we can do our best and still not be able to bring a situation to a peaceful solution. This is not the time to give up and return evil for evil. It is a great time to turn to the Prince of Peace. He can do what we cannot. Perhaps he will intervene in your situation. Perhaps he will simply give you the strength to endure a situation that is lacking peace.

Peace is a precious commodity. Strive to obtain it. Where you are lacking in peace, go to the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, and ask him to fill you with his peace.