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Romans 12:17: Repay No One Evil For Evil, But Give Thought To Do What Is Honorable in The Sight Of All

Romans 12:17
[17] Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. (ESV)

The longer you live in this world the more you are exposed to greater levels of the evils of humankind. Just when you think that man cannot get any more depraved some deviant accepts the challenge that you did not offer. We know that evil exists. What are we to do when that evil hits home and affects us directly?

The Christian ideal is one that challenges every sensibility that we have. We are instructed to do the very opposite of every instinct we have. When someone acts in an evil way toward us our natural response is to return the favor. God has a different plan for us. He wants us to show mercy instead of wrath. At first glance this seems like a terrible idea.

We could well wonder that God having us respond to evil in such a passive way goes against his nature which is one of justice. In fact, we probably feel like we are helping God out. He does not have to bring judgment that our enemy rightly deserves. We will be happy to mete out the judgment for Him. He should be so grateful to us.

God wants men to come to repentance. God's Word tells us that it is God's mercy that leads people to repentance. How will men see mercy if they do not see it in us? We are God's representatives in this world. The world is watching. We need to do the honorable thing, not the vengeful thing. God's amazing grace that reached us is intended to reach through us to others.

Are you a victim of the evil of another? It will be tempting to respond with wrath. Ask the gracious Savior to help you to be an agent of mercy. He will give you the strength you need.