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Romans 11:12: Now If Their Trespass Means Riches For The World, . . . How Much More Will Their Full Inclusion Mean!

Romans 11:12
[12] Now if their trespass means riches for the world, and if their failure means riches for the Gentiles, how much more will their full inclusion mean! (ESV)

It is a wonderful thing when good things come out of tragedy. Perhaps you have known a person who lost their eyesight. The tragic loss may have led to an enhanced ability to use their sense of hearing. Someone who has become a paraplegic may have an ability to minister to those who are in similar condition that a person without said condition would not be able to minister in the same way.

There is no question that the Jews' rejection of their Messiah was tragic. It was tragic that in the first sense they failed to acknowledge his Lordship when he was on the Earth. It was also tragic that they continued to refuse to place their faith in him even after he had raised from the dead, securing eternal life and forgiveness for all who would believe in him.

Could any good come from the trespass of the Jews? Paul would give a resounding "Yes." Their trespass meant riches for the world, in particular riches for the Gentiles. Those who did not belong to the covenant people of Abraham were left on the outside of God's plan for salvation. Because of the Jews' rejection of the Messiah the Gentiles were now invited to be part of God's people.

The reality is that God's plan was always to bring salvation to all people. The Jews were to be a shining light to the world. There were means by which all peoples could come to the Lord through the Jewish people. The Jews made a practice of withholding that invitation from the Gentiles. Now, through the impetus of the Jews disobedience the Gentiles were becoming the church of God.

Good things can come out of tragedy. God uses all things, including tragedy, for his ultimate good and glory. The Lord used the disobedience of the Jews to bring the Gentiles closer. How is he using your failings to ultimately bring others, including yourself, closer to him?