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Romans 9:3: For I Could Wish That I Myself Were Accursed And Cut Off From Christ For The Sake Of My Brothers

Romans 9:3
[3] For I could wish that I myself were accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers, my kinsmen according to the flesh. (ESV)

There are many titles that could be given to the Apostle Paul. He was an apostle. He was called to lead in the church in great ways. He was a teacher. The church's doctrine is influenced greatly by the writings of Paul. Paul was used by God to perform many miracles, even raising people from the dead. Paul was a church planter, extraordinaire. He was a martyr.

Paul was all these things. When you look at how effective Paul was in being a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ you have to ask, "What made Paul so effective?" I think we find the answer in this very sobering verse. Paul is describing how he feels about his own people, the Jews, and the tragedy of their unbelief.

If Paul could guarantee that all of the Jews would be saved by his being cut off from the love of Christ he would do it. He would rather spend eternity in hell if it would mean the salvation of all of his brothers. This passionate love for the lost speaks to why Paul was so effective in ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When Paul became a convert of Jesus Christ the Jews tried to kill him. Every city he went to he would be harassed by the Jews. They brought false charges against him that eventually led to his being put to death by the sword in Rome. The names of those Jews who hated Paul are long forgotten. We are still talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached by Paul.

It was impossible for Paul's sobering exchange to take place. God's love and salvation are eternal. Yet, Paul's love for those who hate him are the reason for his effectiveness in preaching the Gospel. May God give you a passionate love for those who struggle in their unbelief.