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Romans 7:24: Wretched Man That I Am! Who Will Deliver Me From This Body Of Death?

Romans 7:24
[24] Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? (ESV)

I am convinced that one of the greatest challenges that the church faces in every generation is men who are convinced of their own goodness. It is very difficult to convince people of their need for a Savior who think that they are inherently good. Scripture teaches us that mankind has been completely corrupted with a sinful nature.

I love the Apostle Paul's description of himself. He calls himself a wretched man struggling with a body of death. What does he mean? Paul is saying that even in his position as a believer in Jesus Christ he still struggles with this sinful nature. The body of death is the "members" of his body he described in the previous verses that lead him right into sin.

Charles Spurgeon, arguably the greatest preacher of the nineteenth century, and maybe of all time, said, "I groan daily under a body of sin and corruption. Oh for the time when I shall drop this flesh, and be free from sin!" It seems very clear that believers in Jesus Christ are not exempt from temptation. Our body is prone to sin.

Paul is going to answer his own question in the next verse. We all need to deal with this question, though. Who will deliver us from this body of death? Will it be ourselves in our own strength? I can assure you that if you attempt such a feat you will have a great encounter with failure. May your struggle with sin lead you to the Savior where you will find strength.

We are all wretched. Our body desires to plunge us into the depths of sin. Who will deliver you from your body of death? I invite you to look to the Savior.