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Romans 7:8: But Sin, Seizing An Opportunity Through The Commandment, Produced In Me All Kinds Of Covetousness

Romans 7:8
[8] But sin, seizing an opportunity through the commandment, produced in me all kinds of covetousness. For apart from the law, sin lies dead. (ESV)

I love bonfires. There is nothing like a cool crisp fall day in New England with a bonfire roaring outside at night. Truth be told I should probably not be allowed anywhere near flames. I am accident prone and I do not always follow proper fire safety guidelines. I want the fire to be big and I want it to be big right now.

What do you do when you want a fire to get larger? Some foolish people like myself apply gasoline to a fire. Consider a smoldering pile of coals when wood soaked in gasoline is applied. Not only are you going to have a large fire, you are going to have it immediately. I do not recommend that anyone try my methods.

Paul is telling us that sin is kind of like my picture of smoldering coals. Sin lies dormant, until the Law is applied. The Law is like gasoline. It fuels the fire of our rebellious heart. We may have had a sinful nature. We may have been okay with covetousness. But now that the Law condemns it our desire to covet is inflamed and we go full throttle to pursue our sinful desire.

So what is the solution? To curb the desire to sin should we add more of the Law? That is what many people do. Does it work? No! It produces more sin. We need someone to come along and extinguish the flame of our sinful nature. That person is Jesus Christ. He is able to give us a new nature that is endued with his perfect righteousness.

Do you want to walk in righteousness? Pursue Christ, not the Law. His precious Holy Spirit will be your help in the midst of temptation.