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Romans 4:22: That Is Why His Faith Was "Counted To Him As Righteousness."

Romans 4:22
[22] That is why his faith was “counted to him as righteousness.” (ESV)

How much is in your bank account? There is not much in mine. I am waiting for the Publishers Clearing House people to show up to my door and tell me that I have won millions of dollars and it will be deposited immediately into my bank account. There's a problem. I have never entered my name into Publishers Clearing House. I cannot expect them to put anything in my account.

Abraham had faith in God. He did more than register his name. He placed his life completely into the hands of an almighty God who he trusted without wavering. It was this kind of faith that God counted as righteousness. This faith that Abraham had was preceded by God's calling to Abraham and promising to be with him and bless him.

Abraham's faith was something that was certain. Our own bank accounts are not as sure of a thing as what Abraham had in God. The value of our dollar goes up and down. If the government of our country was taken over all of our money in the bank would likely be worth nothing. We hope that is not going to happen but you never know for sure.

One thing you can know for sure is that God can be trusted. If he has made a promise he will keep it. This is so important for us to remember as it relates to our relationship with him. If he has called you unto himself, promised you salvation, forgiven your sins and given you new life, you can know for certain that the faith you placed in his work on your behalf is secure. Your account is full.

What is in your account? Place your faith in God. He will forgive your sin and guarantee you eternal life. He will not change his mind. Your account is secure in his hands.