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Romans 4:15: For The Law Brings Wrath, But Where There Is No Law There Is No Transgression.

Romans 4:15
[15] For the law brings wrath, but where there is no law there is no transgression. (ESV)

I love my father. I learned much about the law from him. He would make very clear what his expectations were of his children. If you were wont to break his law you would discover the wrath that the law brings. One thing I knew for certain about my father; if he told you what the law was he expected you to follow it. Disobedience brought wrath.

Law brings wrath. It is not out of hatred that God gave the Law to mankind. God established his perfect and righteous expectations of his people. Sadly, mankind is prone to rebellion and evil. Mankind has always rebelled against the law. Consequently, all of mankind is under the wrath of God. Law brings wrath.

Can you imagine a world with no moral law of any kind? There would be no transgression. That might sound nice for a quick moment. Think more deeply. Murder, rape, abuse, theft, lying, and all kinds of terrible behaviors would be without any proper context of right and wrong. People would abuse others and be abused by others.

We should be thankful that there is God's Law, even though it brings God's wrath. The story of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ, God's Son, steps into the picture and takes the punishment that we deserve for our breaking of God's Law. The Law establishes God's holy standard. The law brings God's wrath. Faith in Jesus Christ's substitutionary work on the cross pays for my transgression.

Have you placed your faith in Jesus Christ? He has paid the penalty of your transgressing of God's Law. Praise him today for his sacrifice on your behalf.