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Romans 3:14: Their Mouth Is Full Of Curses And Bitterness

Romans 3:14
[14] “Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness.” (ESV)

What's in your mouth?  When I was a kid I remember playing games where you would shove as much as you could in your mouth, like M&M's or marshmallows. It was great fun to be able to say that you could hold more candy than someone else in your mouth. The Apostle Paul is talking about fallen mankind and what our mouths are full of. It is far worse than candy.

Fallen mankind is described as having mouths full of curses and bitterness. Before we look at what is meant by curses and bitterness, we must consider where the mouth gets these things? Jesus gives us the answer in Matthew 12:34. He told us, "For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." The curses and bitterness come from our heart. This truly indicts us.

Let's talk about cursing. We generally think of cursing as using bad words; profanity. What the Apostle Paul is talking about is far worse than that. This word for cursing refers to desiring the very worst for someone and then spreading that slander to others. We set ourselves up as judge and jury for others and condemn them with our mouths.

How about bitterness? Bitterness is that poison that we keep in our hearts towards others. It alters our reality. Instead of us being able to see through the hurt that has come our way, we hold on to blame towards someone. Likely, when we see that person who has hurt us, our hurtful words will express the bitterness deep in our hearts.

What's in your mouth? If it is sinful you need to know that it has its source in your heart. Come to Jesus and ask him to cleanse your heart from sin so that you can have a clean mouth as well.