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Romans 2:22: You Who Say That One Must Not Commit Adultery, Do You Commit Adultery?

Romans 2:22
[22] You who say that one must not commit adultery, do you commit adultery? You who abhor idols, do you rob temples? (ESV)

Nobody likes a phony. I remember in the 1980s there were a number of television evangelists who were found to be having adulterous relationships. These men were condemning all kinds of people who were involved in moral sin, but all the while they themselves were guilty of committing the same sins.

Some things never change. There was sin thousands of years ago. There were self-righteous people who were condemning others for committing sin. The same people who were condemning others of sin were guilty of the same sin. This phony self-righteous hypocrisy was offensive to the people of the Apostle Paul's day and it is offensive when it happens to us today.

I do not want to diminish sin in any way, but the biggest problem we have is thinking that we are somehow above it. When we begin to criticize others for their failings we forget that we are made of the same stuff. No matter what sin in someone else that you are repulsed by, you are just as capable of committing that sin as they are.

My parents used to tell me not to point my finger at someone else. I was told that when I point my finger at someone else there are four more fingers pointing back at me. I have to realize that when I see a sinner I see someone just like me. I may not be falling for their sin, but I am likely falling for a different sin. Rather than being self-righteous I should be humble.

Do you see someone struggling with a sin? Check yourself. Are you doing the same sin? Ask yourself what ways you can be a help to your brother who is failing. Bring an arm around them, instead of a finger pointing at them.