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Romans 2:2: We Know That The Judgment Of God Rightly Falls

Romans 2:2
[2] We know that the judgment of God rightly falls on those who practice such things. (ESV)

Have you ever said to someone, "Don't judge me!"? I am sure that I have. We do not like to be judged. Some look at God in anger because they do not like to feel his judgment. The question we need to ask is whether or not God is right in bringing judgment. We might not like it, but is it justified?

The Apostle Paul says, "the judgment of God rightly falls." That word "rightly" speaks to God's perfect righteousness. While we may not like his judgment because it counters our desire to live in willful sin, God is perfect in offering judgment. What makes him right? He is God! Everything that proceeds from him is perfect. There is no higher standard.

Where we need to be very careful is when we somehow assume that we are to be the ones administering judgment on our brother or sister. When we do so we make judgments according to our standards. Our standards are not God's standards. Whereas the judgment of God rightly falls, the judgment of you and I does not rightly fall. We are not righteous. Only God is.

So when it comes to judgment we need to always remember that God is the one who judges. Our job is to be in agreement with his standard. I had a woman complain to me about my close minded view of homosexuality. She accused me of judging people. I said, to her, "Ma'am, you are correct in pointing out that I am not qualified to judge. Only God is. And he has judged. And I will not stand against his judgment."

God judges rightly. We do not. His standard is perfect. Ours is not. Submit yourself to God. In Christ he will give you his righteousness so that when you are judged by his standard the punishment for your sin will fall on Jesus.