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Romans 2:13: For It Is Not The Hearers Of The Law Who Are Righteous Before God

Romans 2:13
[13] For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God, but the doers of the law who will be justified. (ESV)

Have you ever asked your child to do something only to find out that they never did it? If you are like me you would find that to be very frustrating, if not infuriating. I can remember many times my dad would tell me to do something. One thing I knew for sure. If he told me to do it, he expected complete and total obedience. To challenge him was not a good idea.

When it comes to our relationship with earthly parents we seem to understand that the expectation of us is to do more than just hear words of instruction, but to put them into practice. For some reason, mankind seems to hear God's words of instruction, yet many times refuses to put the hearing into action.

There are people who go to church regularly. They hear words of instruction. They are told what it means to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. They hear of their sinful condition and their need to place their faith in God. They put money in the plate, talk to their neighbor, and have a coffee and some fellowship. Then they walk out the door unchanged.

God has given mankind instruction. He has revealed himself completely and perfectly in the person of His perfect Son, Jesus. He commands that all place their faith in Christ and walk in obedience to him. It is only those who take this active step of faith who will be justified, or made righteous. Be careful that you not only hear, be sure that you follow the hearing with doing.

If you are reading this you cannot say that you have not heard what God wants. I encourage you to respond to what you have heard by placing faith in the Son of God who died for you.