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Romans 1:4: And Was Declared To Be The Son Of God In Power . . . By His Resurrection From The Dead

Romans 1:4
[4] and was declared to be the Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness by his resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ our Lord, (ESV)

Is it easy for you to admit that you need help? I think that most of us struggle with owning up to our weaknesses. Many women joke about how a man will never ask for directions. Our children resist having their parents help them because they want to prove they are a big girl or boy. There are things that like it or not are bigger than us. We need help.

The biggest challenge to every person in the universe is very simple. Death. We all face it. None of us can conquer it on our own. Many people try to delay it by eating properly and exercise. Others ignore the situation and try to drown out it's inevitable reality with alcohol, busyness, or pursuing all kinds of pleasures. Man needs someone to help us with the reality of death.

Jesus Christ is declared to be the Son of God in power. What kind of power are we talking about? Power over death! Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death for us. If we want to be victorious over death we must accept the victory that Jesus won for us and place our faith in him. This is one of those situations where we must be willing to admit our weakness.

The Apostle Paul declares the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the good news that we can be made right with God and have our sins forgiven. Yet, even that truth is not enough. Without the resurrection of our bodies to eternal life we are without ultimate hope. Jesus provides a resurrected body to everyone who believes in him.

You need help. We all do. You can ignore death. You can try to delay it. But you cannot defeat it. Only one can. His name is Jesus. If you will place your faith in him you will have eternal life. Why not confess your sins and receive new life today?