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Romans 1:3: Concerning His Son, Who Was Descended From David According To The Flesh

Romans 1:3
[3] concerning his Son, who was descended from David according to the flesh (ESV)

Have you ever heard someone say to you, "I know how you feel," but you know that there was no way they could possibly know how you feel? For someone to know how we feel it is imperative that they walk in your shoes. They need to experience the same kind of life that you are living, with all the struggles, if they are to understand.

Imagine the God of the universe, the one who spoke all of Creation into being by his powerful word, saying to you, "I know how you feel." Would you believe him? Or would you be tempted to say, "Wait a minute. How could you possibly know how I feel. You don't struggle with poverty, sin, physical weakness, and all of my other troubles."?

Imagine if God chose to come into our world, take on a human body and live a life of struggle, encountering all of the weaknesses and limitations of humanity. If he did that would your opinion change about God? Would you begin to see him as one who is actually able to understand how we feel? I have news for you.

God took on human flesh. His Son was descended from David according to the flesh. I want you to think about that for just a moment. God became man. He knows intimately how you feel. He has felt weakness, struggle, physical pain, sorrow, grief, and all of the limitations that come from being a human being.

Reach out to God through Jesus Christ. Tell him all of your struggles. He truly knows how you feel. Take comfort in the fact that his compassion is genuine. He longs to hear your need. He understands.