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Romans 1:15: So I Am Eager To Preach The Gospel To You Also Who Are In Rome

Romans 1:15
[15] So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome. (ESV)

What are you eager to do? What is your passion? What is that one thing that you could not envision life without? Paul's passion was to preach the Gospel. As a preacher myself, I can totally identify with Paul's heart. If you are called to preach the gospel there is nothing else you would rather do. Specifically, for Paul, he is eager to preach the gospel to those who were in Rome.

Why Rome? I believe that God had placed a desire in Paul's heart to preach to the people in Rome. He was hindered from being there physically so he does the next best thing. He writes this letter to the church there. I find it interesting that there have been thousands upon thousands of sermons preached from this letter to the Romans.

Rome was a place with a wide range of people. You would have had the wealthy elite; political leaders, centurions, people of Caesar's palace. There was a great population of slaves. There were transient people coming from all over the Roman Empire. Rome would be a great place to preach the gospel. Every kind of person was represented.

In many ways our modern world is a lot like Rome. Through the use of modern technology we have the ability to broadcast the message of the gospel to people of every distinction: the wealthy, the poor, the transient. I can imagine the Apostle Paul, if he were alive today, would have a website, a YouTube channel, a facebook page, a twitter page, etc.

You may not be a preacher like Paul, but you have a message of the gospel that needs to be shared with the world. Are you eager to share it? Ask God to show you how to use your abilities to minister to the Rome in your world.