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James 2:9: But If You Show Partiality, You Are Committing Sin

James 2:9
[9] But if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors. (ESV)

So let's assume for a moment that you have been guilty of showing partiality towards someone in your church. Do you consider it a big deal? James tells us that God thinks it is a big deal. He tells us that if we show partiality we are committing sin and are convicted by God's law as transgressors. That sounds more serious than we might have originally thought.

Consider for a moment what the church is. The church is the body of Christ. It is the God ordained means by which the Gospel is preached and lives are transformed. Church is not a meeting we go to once a week, or even less. Church is not a building. Church is a living body. If the body is sick it will be ineffective.

God wants his body to be holy. The Apostle Paul refers to the church as the bride of Christ. This bride is being purified by God and he desires to present her to Christ as spotless. As you consider your involvement in the church consider that God desires purity. Purity in every aspect of how you act in the body of Christ. This, of course, includes not showing favoritism.

Perhaps someone comes into the church who has a particular ministry gift. They may be a gifted teacher. They should not get treated better than someone who does not have that gift. It could be that a talented musician comes to the church. He should not be treated better than one who cannot play anything. No matter who comes to your church they should all be treated equally.

Consider how you treat others in your church. Are you guilty of showing partiality? How do you view the church? Are you a part of it's pure and holy representation of Christ to the world?