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James 1:8: He Is A Double-Minded Man, Unstable In All His Ways

James 1:8
[8] he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. (ESV)

The Book of James is at times a painful look at reality. James is not interested in patronizing those who talk one way but live another. He calls them out and shows them for what they are. In verse 8 he continues this look at one who comes to God, but doubts God's goodness and character. He calls him double-minded. This describes a person who can't decide if he wants to follow God or the world.

I would love to say that this kind of double-mindedness is not prevalent in today's world, but as you read this you know I would be wrong. We see this kind of foolish thinking in our world, in our churches, and even in our own hearts. We have ears that still listen to the voice of that serpent in the Garden who questioned what God said.

Just a few examples come to mind. We know that an honest reading of Scripture tells us that homosexuality is a sin. Yet, we have churches who have decided to affirm and embrace it. We know that God is the author of life, and that Scripture declares that God knew us when we were still in our mother's womb. There are actually churches who have defended the right to take that unborn life.

Double-mindedness. It brings instability. We cannot claim to know God and walk in continual disobedience to his Word. God will not bless that kind of life. God will not give to that person anything. In fact, the person who displays that they will not walk in obedience to God, proves that they do not know God.

Evaluate yourself today. Is there an area of your life where you are pursuing the world and ignoring the Lord. Double-mindedness brings instability. Give yourself wholly to the Lord. He will bless you.